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Stacy L. Otto prepares returns for individuals, C corporations, S corporations, partnerships and LLC’s.  I have experience with single member multi-member LLC’s and multi state returns. As I am preparing your taxes, if I see a tax saving or money saving opportunity, I will be sure to bring that up with you.

I know with the ever changing economy,  an individuals’ goal may change as well. I can help with projecting your tax liability under different scenarios.   I have extensive experience with coordinating your corporate tax with your personal return to get the maximum benefit.  With proper planning and a proactive approach, I can let you know when it’s time to change strategy, and keep an eye out for future planning opportunities.

The IRS and Franchise Tax Board are increasing their number of audits in the coming years.  If you should find yourself a subject of an audit, I will be there to help you present your case.  I know questions they make ask and how to recognize a fishing expedition or a potential landmine!  If there is an area where you are vulnerable, I can help you present your position in the best possible light.  In addition, if you need a payment plan to pay your tax over time, I can arrange the details with the respective agencies.

Stacy L. Otto is a Quickbooks professional.  If you don’t already have a competent bookkeeper, I can prepare your accounting annually or quarterly.  I can meet with you periodically to explain where the numbers come from, what they mean, and how your company compares to what I have seen in my experience.  With updated financial statements I can also point out your strengths and weaknesses so you have the tools to make prudent business decisions.